Whelp! after a few years of delaying the move from my old ISP, I finally bit the bullet and moved this site to CloudAccess hosting!. So far I am delighted.  

I had an old site that I hadn't been keeping updated. It was written previously in Expression Web, and had a few features that I liked and was easy to edit.  But alas, it was not responsive, and the CSS and HTML versions were outdated.  

A rewrite on that host would not be worth the time since, Expression is obsolete and the host wasn't that great (in my opinion) with content management systems.  I wanted to do this months ago, but was just too lazy or busy to make it a priority.

Now I am retired, and don't have to put client needs over my own, and have the time to tinker.  This website will be a place to experiment a bit and also share with my newly founded CMS user group. Yes, I am retired but will still very busy.  

I have an online bead shop that I plan to take to the next level.  Stay tuned for that.  And my new friends who want to learn website building and maintenance.

Should be fun.